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Hobbies and Addictions


The hobby is photography, the addiction is coffee. coffee




   The interest in photography has been the basis of an edited book, A Portrait of Missouri, 1935-43: Photographs from the Farm Security Administration. The book was published in November of 2002 by the University of Missouri Press, and should be available from your local library or bookstore(or ask them to order it), or online book stores


The hobby has also produced a backlog of images to be turned into photoessays. Four are available for viewing now:

The Couches of Kirksville, and its companion, The Chairs of Kirksville, are familiar “Spring Clean Up” sights around the ‘ville.”

The third project, the Cows of Kirksville reveals my curious relationship with bovine.

Finally created a Tourism Snaps page, which needs better formatting.

Rumor has it that I have a collection of couches. Never have, never will. I have taken a lot of pictures of couches, and it all started with a social control ordinance (what else is the law for?) that had to make an exemption.


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Photo Credit: Walker Evans, A Downtown Street, New Orleans, LA, December 1935.

Library of Congress Negative Number 1292-A.